What a differerence tuning makes!

The western standard tuning is A440, this was set after the war with Germany and some believe it was the brainchild of the Nazi Propaganda Minister who is believed to have been brought here as a result of 'project paperclip'.

A440 tuning places the frequencies of the musical scale at odds with the natural resonance of the planet and all living things. The earlier standard, A432, was used prior to that and is referred to as being the european standard. All things resonate in the sequence of 432. A similar sequence is the fibonacci scale tuning that has demonstrated the ability to create beautiful crystal designs in ice. s If you have noticed that classical music feels better, you have noticed the difference between A432 and A440. A modification tuning method is A444. A444 tuning places the middle C note at 528 hz which is the heart frequency. The 528 hz tone generates a feeling of peace, calm, and love in the listener even though many of the other tones are out of sync with their A432 counterparts.

The audio clips below represent the original tuning of A440, followed by the A432 standard, the A444 standard (known as the 'heart standard'), and my own version of A444 supertuning which is both re-coded and contains additional frequency filtering to reduce less resonant, or Anti-Resonant, frequencies and boost the heart resonance frequency.

A440 Original Tuning

Whitney Houston - Run To You A440.mp3
Honeymoon Suite - Those were the days - A440
Donnie Iris - Ah! Leah! A440.mp3
Bee Gee's - Night Fever A440

A432 European Standard Tuning

Honeymoon Suite - Those were the days - A432
Donnie Iris - Ah! Leah! A432.mp3
Quiet Riot - Mamma weer all craazee now 432

A444 Simple 528 Tuning

Honeymoon Suite - Those were the days - A444
Donnie Iris - Ah! Leah! A444.mp3
Bee Gee's - Night Fever A444

A444 Super 528 Tuning

Honeymoon Suite - Those were the days - A444 ST
Donnie Iris - Ah! Leah! A444ST.mp3
Toto - Home of the Brave A444

A444 6db Solfeggio Push - OMG!

Whitney Houston - Run To You 528s12p6
KD Lang - Hallelujah 528s12p6
Donnie Iris - Ah! Leah! A444s12p9

Listening to the above samples does not require headphones,
the body responds to the frequencies as well as the ears do.